Laser Hair Removal, it is one of the medical procedures which is known to use a concentrated light beam (laser) for removing unwanted hair. During this procedure, the laser emits the light, which then gets absorbed by the pigment (melanin) present in hair. Later, light energy gets converted to heat, and it damages tube-shaped sacs called hair follicles that are present under the skin and are responsible for the production of hair. The damage then inhibits or delays the hair growth in the future.

Now, even though laser hair removal Stockton in an effective manner delays the hair growth for a very long period of time, it doesn’t cause the permanent removing of hair. There will be a requirement of multiple treatments and then maintenance treatments too for maintaining it. This might seem too much, but believe it or not, this treatment works equally on all skin types. So, if you are looking for your next laser facial treatment stockton, you can rely upon the process but before you do, get all the needed information about it, which has been discussed below.

Laser Hair Removal- What happens during it?

Before treatment, the professional will start to cleanse the needed to be treated area. There are some of the patients who even receive the numbing gel. It is because it helps with the treatment of the highly sensitive skin. The numbing gel takes 30-60 minutes to work.

The laser facial stockton, or entire laser treatment, it will take place within the room that has been specifically set up for the laser treatments. All within the room are required to wear protective eyewear at the time of the procedure. For performing it, the skin gets held taut and then gets treated using a laser. There are many patients who say that laser pulses feel like the warm pinpricks or rubber band getting snapped against their skin.

The laser simply removes the hair by the process of vaporizing, and it causes the small plumes of the smoke that has a sulfur-like smell.

Now, if you wish to know how long the treatment will last, it is dependent upon the size of the area which is treated. To treat upper lips might take minutes, but treating larger areas, including the back or the legs, it might take even an hour or more.

What To Do After the Laser Hair Removal?

To avoid any possible side effects, all of the patients are required to protect their skin from the sun. Apart from it, once the procedure is completed, one must,

• Avoid being under direct sunlight, especially do not allow it to fall on the treated skin.
• Do not use the tanning bed or the sun lamp, or any indoor tanning equipment.
• Follow the after-care instructions provided by the dermatologist.

You can even see some swelling or redness after the treatment. It might look like sunburn. Make sure to apply the cool compress that can help with the discomfort.

Note that there will not be any downtime. Right after the laser facial or any other body part treatment through the procedure, the treated skin will get red and swell up. Even after it, there are many people who simply return back to everyday activities.

Laser Hair Removal Visible Results

The results are visible right after the treatment, and the results might vary between patients. the thickness and color of the hair, the area of treatment, the type of laser used along with the color of the skin, all affect the result of the procedure. One can expect even around a 10-25% reduction in hair right after the 1st treatment.

For removing the hair, most of the patients need around 2-6 treatments. After the treatments are finished, most of the patients, they do not see any kind of hair on the treated skin for many months or even many years. When there is regrowth of hair, there is less amount of it, and it also tends to be lighter and finer.

Now, most of the patients might remain completely hair-free for months or years. When there is regrowth, it is less noticeable too. If it is noticeable, for keeping the area completely free of hair, the patients are required to have maintenance laser hair removal Stockton treatments.

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

The side effects, most common ones like discomfort, redness, and swelling, last for just 1-3 days. However, there are certain other side effects that are rare. They are,
• Blisters
• Scars
• Infections
• Skin darkening or lightening
• Herpes Simplex outbreaks (cold sores)

In order to deal with these side effects, one must make sure to follow the instructions offered by dermatologists. Following before and after-treatment instructions are necessary, and it can reduce the side effects and risks at large.

Final Words

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