Around the world, Botox treatment has been gaining popularity. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure is not just being demanded by women but also by men who are looking for ways to reduce the aging signs and to look their best. People who wish to treat some of the troublesome medical conditions like neck spasms, excessive sweating, and overactive bladder are also choosing Botox treatment Stockton.

At Roma Skin Health, by the use of the Botox treatment, we assure our patients to look young and prevent any aging signs. However, most people have a curiosity about how this actually works.

Well, Botox or Botulinum Toxin is the purified protein that helps in relaxation and the decrease of the muscles movement. Just with one dose of Botox on the face, one can relax the tightened muscles and skin, which is the primary reason for wrinkles formation. Further, the treatment is also effective in smoothening the facial lines as it blocks some of the chemical signals (causing muscles to contract) from the nerves.

To understand better the areas of the face that can be helped through Botox Stockton, the below-mentioned content will offer the effective knowledge. Do not miss it.

Areas that can be Helped Through Botox Treatment Stockton

Aging, it is a natural phenomenon for humans, and with the increase in age, there come wrinkles. At times even the young people can experience wrinkles if they smoke regularly or are in the sun for a long time, daily. Wrinkles are the result of the breaking down of collagen within the dermis (skin layer). It starts to happen in the late 20s and goes on, showing the effect of further aging. However, it can be slowed down by the use of Botox treatment Stockton.
Now, there isn’t anything bad about the wrinkles, and there are many who feel it like a badge of honour. However, the other part of the crowd prefers Botox for gradually smoothening out the facial lines.

Common areas of aging are,
• Glabella patch on the forehead skin, in between the eyes and above the nose. It’s called “11” wrinkle lines.
• In the frontalis muscle, the horizontal forehead lines.
• Crow’s feet or periorbital lines, these are the wrinkles that stem from the outer corner of the eye, when one smiles.
• Bunny lines form on the nose bridge when one scrunches up the nose as the bunnies do.
• Neck wrinkles
• Lipstick lines or the vertical wrinkles that are either around or above the lips.

There are some patients who have marionette lines. These vertical wrinkles go down from either of the sides of the mouth toward the chin. These lines can get deep enough to resemble the hinged jaw and the marionette puppet mouth.

The chin dimpling can even be reduced with one session of Botox treatment Stockton at Roma Skin Health. However, such wrinkles might even need the filler treatment.

How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox Stockton treatments are temporary. Most of them last just between 3-4 months. The timing varies. The Botox Treatment Stockton takes a few minutes, but these treatments are always get conducted by a qualified medical professional.
There are some patients who remain worried about Botox injections while they wonder about the treatment being painful. At times they even worry that this treatment wouldn’t look natural on the face or simply freeze in one place. Well, there is nothing to worry about but these worries, it can’t be further from the truth. At Roma Skin Health, Botox treatments have been designed for changing the appearance gradually with either little or no discomfort or downtime after treatment.

There is no requirement for anaesthesia. Botox gets injected in the problem areas of the face with a very tiny needle, and there is just slight discomfort.
The wrinkle reduction effect isn’t immediate, and for most patients, it might even take around 14 days to show the results up.

Final Words

Doctors may or may recommend going ahead with anti-inflammatory medications or aspirin for 2 weeks before the treatment to reduce bruising. So, make sure to avoid alcohol from 1 week before the treatment.

Further, after the Botox treatment, temporary bruising can be the likely side effect. After the treatment, if one is sore, ice can be applied, and rest is suggested, if needed. However, in case of good health, over the age of 18, and not pregnant candidates, Botox Stockton can help reduce the facial lines appearance that keeps one from looking their best.

So, go ahead and book your session today with Roma Skin Health and see the changes you will have within your skin with every session. You will be surprised by the number of benefits you will experience as part of the entire procedure.

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