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Acne Scars

Acne remains a very common inflammatory dermatosis. Acne result from plugged follicles with sebum, oil, dead skin cells and causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. Acne severity depends on sebaceous follicular size and the number of lobules per glands. Acne result in change in skin texture, tone and appearance.

Dark spots/Melasma and Skin discoloration

Dark spots: small, flat dark areas or patches on the skin and usually appear on areas exposed to the sun. Melasma is hyperpigmentation of skin result from hormonal imbalance, oral contraceptive, photosensitizing medications, ovarian dysfunction, certain cosmetics, family history of melasma.


Scars can be result from sort of skin injury including an insect bite, acne, body piercing, burns, hair removal, minor scratches and bumps.

Skin correction treatments

Start low and go slow method is the best treatment option to treat skin irregularities. The treatments include topical, oral medications, micro-needling, chemical peel, laser treatments or combined treatments.

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  • Helps in making the skin rejuvenated
  • Removal of all the chemical or dirt agents from the face
  • skin correction, no hesitation to interact
  • tightening the skin

Treatment & Downtime

  • Downtime can be up to 1-2 days with procedure
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